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Practice Areas

Business Law


We have been practising successfully for several years in Business Law, drafting contractual agreements, pursuing litigation in breach of contract and in other areas of contractual law, e.g. misrepresentation. We have dealt with misrepresentation cases both in UK and elsewhere in Europe and we have developed an expertise in this field.

We can advise on establishing businesses in Cyprus, draft contractual agreements under the Cyprus Law jurisdiction and apply for the necessary licenses. We can also pursue cases in breach of contract and misrepresentation in Cyprus.

Company Law

We can offer the client assistance in establishing a company, registering it in UK, Cyprus or other EU states, draft the constitution of the company, draft director’s and shareholder’s agreements, assist with all the necessary licence and give sound advice on tax. We can also pursue cases in Company Law, liquidation and bankruptcy and fraud.

Partnership Law

We can advise and assist in establishing partnerships and in setting up the partnership agreement. We can advise on tax and also provide the partners with the necessary agreement for their trade. We can pursue litigation in this area or, alternatively, employ our expertise in mediation to resolve the dispute out of court.

Employment Law

Employment law is constantly growing and changing and a lay person finds it very difficult to comprehend. It is our advice that, as soon as an employment law problem arises, whether for employer or employee, that they should receive legal advice. We can provide services relating to drafting employment contracts, health and safety regulations, data protection, representation in Employment Tribunals in various areas of employment law, such as unfair dismissal, redundancy, discrimination, breach of contract, personal injury at work and psychological injury. It is also known to us that occasionally an employee will not be able to fund a case and for this reason we can suitably reduce our hourly rate in order to convenience our client.

We can also offer Employment Law, advice and assistance in Cyprus and Europe.