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Family Law

The breakdown of a marriage and the consequences of divorce are issues that we have developed an enormous experience. We can pursue any family law matter with great care and diligence and encourage, whenever possible, mediation. We can deal with all areas of family dispute which include child-care and ancillary relief, property rights and adoption. We offer advice, assistant and representation in the following areas:
-           Divorce
-           Children
-           Mediation
-           Property and financial disputes
-           Cohabitation and cohabitation agreements
-           Domestic violence
-           Child abuse

We are very much concerned with the care of children and we have acted on many occasions successfully in providing contact, residence and child protection, in order to pursue the welfare of the children. We have developed mediation skills which we employ in order to resolve matters without litigation, which in family law cases, could be harmful. We offer friendly and caring advice to assist the client to pass through this difficult time without any serious psychological and social consequences. Our office in Cyprus provides similar services to UK residents who have married Cypriot or British partners. We are in an advantageous position because we know both English and Cypriot family law.