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Wills and Probate

Leaving your property or money to your loved ones is nowadays a very difficult issue. Unless the right advice is taken, you will end up paying 40% inheritance tax. Also, if the Will is not drafted properly, you may have a partial intestacy. This can lead to many disputes amongst your beneficiaries and can create many problems following your death. It is therefore wise to receive proper advice in advance and to have peace of mind. We can offer our services to cater for your personal wishes and interests, and provide you with all the necessary advice and answer all your questions. We can advise you on intestacy and also on unknown beneficiaries. Our practice holds Wills and probate seminars by, free of charge. Please telephone if you wish to attend.

Elderly Clients

The law relating to elderly clients is now very detailed. There are many issues that need to be dealt with. Our firm has participated voluntarily in research affecting homebound elderly and care homes. We can advise to protect your rights, so that your care and dignity is maintained, indifferent of your age and disabilities. We can advise on protecting your properties, so that your expenses are paid without the local authority placing charges or auctioning your house. We can explain the law affecting the power of attorney and, most importantly, the jurisdiction under the Court of Protection.

If you decide to live abroad, for example Cyprus, we can advise you on your new home, your domicile, and manage your property while you are living abroad. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us; we can provide you with a two-hour consultation free of charge.